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Post  AqhaGirl on Sun Aug 24, 2008 7:24 am

Basic Site Rules

1. Try not to swear.....but if you feel you just have to, use an * for the first letter. I would prefer you not swear at all, but again if you feel you just have to.

2. Be realistic. THat means no god-modding and power playing.

3. No personal fighting, characters in the rp may fight, but not the rpers.

4. When role-playing, no chat speak please. Keep it to pm please.

5. No disrespecting Mods and Admins.

6. Please don't use pity just to get your character attention, or yourself attention by talking about your "terrible" life, and so on.

7. After filling out a character, house, horse and or house form, pm them to me, Aqha Girl, and I'll create your house, put your character in Active Characters etc.

Character Guidlines

1. All characters can start at any age above 15, and they can move out at any age above 16, and get married at the age of 17 or older.

2. Fill out the entire form when posting a character, if you need help contact a mod or admin.

3. No more than six characters per person, three pets per character, and six horses per character that live at their house. You can have six more that live at the WakeField Stables. In all that's 24 horses per character.

4. If you might happen to have one of your role-play characters die, then you may replace them with a new one. The same goes for pets.

5. You may have your character get a boyfriend or girlfriend, or get married, and have children. Try and be realistic, actually try and think what a boy and girl might do in their situation, though don't go into graphic details on ever little
relationship intimate.

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