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Post  AqhaGirl on Sun Aug 24, 2008 8:26 am

Show Name: Gypsy Rose
Barn Name: Rose
Gender: mare
Breed: freisian
Age: 5
Height: 16.1 hh
History: Rose was born and trained at WakeField Stables. She was trained by Isobella and will soon be moved to the stables near Isobella's house.
Description: Rose is calm, doesn't spook, and is very trusting. She is scared of water but if the person who is riding her is calm, she will go right in.
Personality: Rose is bubbly, not easily exited, and is an all around good horse. She does spook once in a while, but it's rare.
Eye Color: brown
Coat Color: black
Mane Color: Black
Tail Color: Black
Hoof Color: Tan
Facial markings: none
Bodily Markings:none
Leg Markings: none
Brandings: none
Riding Style: Western, English
Events Competing In: Barrels, show jumping

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Picture: Stall One - Rose Freisian

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